PlayStation 5 Could Run 8K at 120FPS, Latest Teasers Suggests

The announcement for PlayStation 5 is expected to be in 2019 followed by a release in 2020 and we have got some new teasers about its graphic capabilities

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mikeslemonade1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Won’t happen. Maybe if you’re playing Tetris Effect but even then they won’t go through the trouble of having such a high bandwidth port. PS5 is gonna be 4k and we can only hope 60 frames, but likely the games will settle at 30 frames.

rob-GP1362d ago

Why would you think that? The X can do 4k 30 and 60 in a few games with the main bottleneck being the CPU. Once the consoles jump to a better CPU, 60fps is most likely the target all games will easily hit. The whole 120 or 240 fps rumours going around will be playing games in 1080p modes for those with monitors over TVs

Omnislashver361362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Eh, I think we're going to see way more 60fps games.

We're at a point where 1440p-1800p60+Checkerboarding looks better than 4K30

Most games have a performance mode on the Pro targeting 60fps.

If we can get around 10-12 TFLOPS that means they'll be able to double framerate and still have room to spare for better graphics/effects. However this might require a $500 console or for Sony to take losses(which they are projecting over the next few years, meaning PS5 is likely on the horizon now and and will be a loss leader).

Look at Kingdom Hearts III, Resident Evil 2, God of War, and Shadow of the Colossus for example. All have 60fps modes already. FPS games already have 60fps. Platinum Games already has 60fps. Flagship racers have 60fps. Many anime games have 60fps and their quality is getting better as well. Fighters have 60, and so on. This means for sequels they can just increase the resolution and graphics and we'll have the 60fps as well.

A huge standout title will be Final Fantasy VII Remake. Since KH3 has 60fps on the Pro, it's hard to believe FFVIIR won't have it on the PS5. And 1800p60 has very similar costs to 4K30, however, it looks nearly identical, if not having better detail as well, and gives you the 60fps goodness.

Also, Ryzen is going to make the tradeoff between res and fps much more manageable with less of a hit when making the jump to 60.

Omnislashver361362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

It's really hard to believe people downvote over objectivity.

The games listed ALL target 60fps. Whether or NOT you want to believe it.

1800p60 has similar costs to 4K30 but looks nearly identical. Pixel density is extremely high now.

Ryzen will help with fps immensely.

I guess it's hard being confronted with data when you're stuck in your own flawed logic and want to ignore reality. Cognitive dissonance at it's finest- but what's annoying is you're all gamers, you all should know this.

Good god these sites are cancer.

Daz1363d ago

No next gen machine will be able to do this.

Marcello1363d ago

Bullsh!t. It wont even run 4k@60fps

Spartacus101362d ago

4k 60fps is believable on well optimised first party games and less intensive multi-platform games.
We just have to accept that no matter how powerful it is, some devs will always push the graphics and settle for 30fps so their game looks better compared to the competition.

Omnislashver361362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Yeah but are they really pushing graphics or just resolution?

1800p60 looks nearly identical to 4K30 and has similar costs but runs at 60fps.

We're at a point where pixel density is so high it makes sense to use checkerboarding w/60.

4K30 isn't pushing graphics, it's pushing numbers. 1800p60+CB. That's pushing graphics.

NarooN1362d ago

The only thing it would be able to run 120fps @8k at would be video, and even THAT I'm immediately skeptical of. There is no setup a consumer could buy that would handle that for video games, unless you were playing something from the 90's/early 2000's lol.

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