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Next-Gen Xbox Console to Run Games at 4K-60FPS; Will Use AMD Hardware

As per a report from a Microsoft insider, the next-gen Xbox Scarlett will feature AMD hardware and break the 4K-60 FPS barrier.

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marioJP87199d ago

Go with Nvidia this time.

KingPin199d ago

if they do, expect the console to be even more expensive than it already is.

Deadpoolio199d ago

And? Its time to stop needing to include poor people in everything, its time to stop needing to price everything in the EBT range...Gaming is a want in life and not a need to live...IF someone cannot afford something, then they need to just not purchase it.....I don't care if someone cannot purchase a console with their EBT card, I don't care if they can't talk their mom into purchasing them an expensive console...IF you cannot afford it than you need not have it....

yomfweeee199d ago

It is a need for console manufacturers to sell as many systems as possible, so the price must be low. Do you guys have any brains? If you want more, get a PC.

Cobra951199d ago

@Deadpoolio: It's not about poor people; it's about maximizing sales. The price for a new console has to be in the $400 range or below to gain traction in the mass market. Besides, the headline already tells you they went with AMD, as expected.

For the rich and the financially careless, there's always high-end PC in the $multi-1000 range.

ssmilloy36199d ago

the launch xbox 2
the xbox 2 s
the xbox 2 x

which one. I'm not buying the inferior launch ever again. I have a pc for that