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AMD to compete with NVIDIA's Turing with 7nm Radeon in 2019

AMD plans to dominate the coming year with their 7nm Radeon by competing with the flagship lineup of their main business rival, Nvidia.

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KingPin1760d ago

AMD seems to be on the up in these last couple years. first with gained on intel now they heading for nvidia too. i know im not the only one pleased about this. competition is always great for consumers.

Cobra9511755d ago

They're killing Intel in the consumer-CPU business right now. I'm hopeful they can get competitive in the GPU business. I think in terms of value, they have a good shot. Nvidia needs to get brought down a peg.


2023 Volkswagen Golf R review: a hot hatch for the aging enthusiast

The 2023 Volkswagen Golf R stands among the hottest of hatches, with the horsepower and handling chops to boot. But it's also the coziest and most mature.

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The New Sonos Move 2 Brings Portability With Fun

Four years later and Sonos introduces a new portable speaker, the Move 2, bringing original innovation.

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Samsung is likely to unveil Galaxy Ring at Galaxy Unpacked next year

Samsung is reportedly functioning on a smart ring that it is possibly going to call the “Galaxy Ring.”

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