Companies really want to implant microchips in their employees

Until recently, having microchip implants was something exclusively from the realm of science fiction. However, this seems to be changing, with several companies indicating their intentions of implanting microchips in their employees.

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Lord_Sloth906d ago

Nah. If you want to know where I am at work, check the cameras. If I'm not at work it's none of your business where I am or what I'm doing.

Kostche905d ago

exactly, there is no reason at all to have some cancer chip put into your body for a company, we just work for these vile cancerous people they do not OWN us

Cobra951905d ago

Once something like this is allowed, it can be forced. Sure, you can refuse, and lose your job. (No one is obligated to employ you, but you need a living income.) We need to oppose this vigorously. No one should have the power to brand us and staple tracking devices through our ears like cattle.

kalkano905d ago

You just described the Mark of the Beast. Look it up, if you don't know what I'm talking about.