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Your new iPad Pro can basically be snapped in half without much force

Tech products are fragile, but should they be fragile enough to bend in a backpack? Apple's latest iPad Pro has some issues with bending. Check it out.

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Cobra95120d ago

Why is anyone still buying Apple? Now their products come with security chips that block the owner's right to repair too. It's time to wake up, and see the many alternatives in the market. I don't get it. Snap out of it, people.

2pacalypsenow20d ago

Because they like Apple products?

kevnb19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Why do people hate Apple products so much that they have to tell everyone on the internet? If you dont like their security for whatever reason, guess what google is waiting to spy on you.

quenomamen20d ago

Stop it, take any of the current tablets and smartphones on the market and they ALL bend and break with ease. Why ? cuz cunsumers want thinner, faster, better. Name the last tablet or smartphone that was made thicker than the one before it. Exactly. You want youtube hits ? break an Apple product, I’m so impressed.

annoyedgamer20d ago

Its a feature ~Apple fanboys

bahabeast20d ago

I think this is stupid. All the other plastic tablets I’m sure will bend or break and apples product still is better than the rest. Put a case on it and that is over.

WeOwnTheNight20d ago

Knowtechie loves to hate Apple

ChrisW20d ago

Ermagerd!!! Bend-gate!!!

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