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Samsung’s new folding phone will cost the same price as a cheap used car

It’s handy that Samsung’s new phone will fold since you’ll need a wallet replacement after buying it.

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PapaBop306d ago

Give it four years then Apple will release a variant, charge double and you'll see who the real idiots are talking up how revolutionary it is.

steven83r306d ago

Another Apple fan talking trash. Where was the article about the $1500 Iphone Xs Max 512GB saying it cost as much as a good 4k tv or a cheap used car? Apple will copy this and people will praise it.

annoyedgamer306d ago

Apple iFold coming 2020 MSRP $2,000


BiGT85306d ago

Ppl buy phones every year but not me

KingPin305d ago

i buy phones every 4 years or so. not because the phone is outdated but mostly because the battery packs up and they cant be replaced. if you were to look at the phone while its off youd think its brand new though.

now i know why manufacturers started with built in batteries. i wouldnt need a new phone for 10 years if i could just buy a battery.