The streaming wars are heating up, Disney announces new Disney+

Disney has been hinting at a dedicated streaming service for months now but now we know some more details about the new service, called Disney+.

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Garethvk229d ago

Disney has made it very compelling with all the new Star Wars and Marvel content which for me is more than enough to get the service. I would love to see the older live-action Disney Classics from the 60s and 70s made available as well as some older classics.

Deadpoolio229d ago

They aren't gonna put those Disney films from the 60s-70s on it, especially not if its something that received a remake at any point in time....The Original Freaky Friday stopped existing when the Jamie Lee Curtis/Lindsay Lohan remake happened....Herbie stopped existing beyond that Lindsay Lohan Herbie Reloaded remake...The original Parent Trap films stopped existing the moment the Dennis Quaid/Lindsay Lohan remake happened....Disney doesn't like to acknowledge their older films unless they have to...There have already been people crying that Song of the South sure as hell wont get put on there, its apparently hard to grasp how insanely racist that film in in both the live action and animated parts......

PhantomS42229d ago

The original Freaky Friday didn't stop existing. I was seeing it promoted when the new one was debuting on TV. Herbie has a very good reason for everyone to pretend that movie with Lindsay doesn't exist. The Parent Trap (1998) will be far remembered over/alongside a remake much like Freaky Friday because a lot of people remember it fondly as for the original 1961 original, have you seen it? It's far less engaging than the remake. All in all none of those movies "stop existing" they are still very much around. They could easily be on the streaming service, not necessarily day 1 but Dinsey's library is massive so there will be something for everyone.