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MIT Is Creating a Fleet of Drones to Rescue Lost Hikers

Every year hikers go missing in the many forests found within the United States of America and other parts of the world. Now, it takes days or even weeks to locate lost hikers, and that is not good by any means. As it stands, then, rescuers need a more efficient tool to locate hikers lost in a forest.


Galaxy S25 to Integrate Advanced Google AI Features

Samsung's Galaxy S25 is set to elevate Google AI integration, extending to hardware depths.

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NASA radar images show stadium-sized asteroid tumbling by Earth during flyby

The asteroid zoomed by Earth at a perfectly safe distance of around 1.8 million miles (2.9 kilometers).


Odysseus mission to be cut short after moon lander's sideways touchdown

Engineers expect to lose contact with the private US moon lander Odysseus on Tuesday, cutting short the mission after its sideways touchdown last week.

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