The inventor of the World Wide Web is working on a new concept for the internet

Tim Berners Lee, the father of the World Wide Web, unarguably deserves appreciation for all the efforts he has put into changing the modern life.

The web has come a long way since its inception in the nineties. However, it seems that the inventor of the World Wide Web is not entirely happy with the present use case of the internet.

This is why he is busy creating a new platform these days. Reportedly, Lee has put most of his projects on hold and is currently working on making the web a safer place. He wants users to regain control over their data. The concept is called Solid and was first developed at MIT.

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Cobra95141d ago

"Most of us have heard the story of how Russian hackers interfered with the presidential election in the US."

No, they did not. A contrived story doesn't become more true with media repetition. Stating this as fact is a disservice to the credibility of your site.

KnowTechie41d ago

It's been updated, thanks.

WeOwnTheNight36d ago

Count on Know techie to report horse S***

Deadpoolio41d ago

YES....YES they FACTUALLY did interfere...SEVENTEEN intelligence agencies also found that YES they did.....Nobody cares what garbage trash you heard from Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, Faux Noise in general or Trumpo the pathological lying clown..They also FACTUALLY managed to get into several states polling machines, and are FACTUALLY still in there as again US intelligence agencies have warned....There is NOT some secret liberal Jewish agenda to take over the country...FACTS are FACTS, there is no such thing as alternate facts..... There were also THIRTEEN Russians indited for election interference, not that Russia will ever give them up to face those charges......

KingPin40d ago

so if that is indeed the case, why is trump still president. surely the US constitution has something to deal with this type of thing to oust a president if a case like this arises.

annoyedgamer41d ago

Gotta make sure wrongthink doesnt spread.

SolidGamerX41d ago

The inventor of the web? I guess Tim's got wicked smaaats