The President of The United States of America uses an unsecured iPhone like a f****** moron

It is simply astounding that the easiest job in foreign intelligence right now is wiretapping the President of the United States of America.

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WeOwnTheNight1429d ago

Childish title, but what can you expect from Knowtechie.

Shikoku1428d ago

Seems pretty spot on to me.

KingPin1429d ago

knowtechie has some good topics, unfortunately the way they present their content is very unappealing to readers out there who are looking for a decent article to read in my opinion. if they were more professional in their presentation im sure more people would take them and their website seriously.

KnowTechie1429d ago

Thanks for the honest feedback!

KnowTechie1429d ago

Truthfully, we've been doing a lot of our headlines a lot like Gizmodo, but it seems, the community here on TS doesn't appreciate them. Would you care to offer some feedback? Like, would you prefer us to write stale and boring headlines as opposed to the ones we're doing now? Honest question and any feedback is appreciated.

KingPin1429d ago

I wouldnt mind giving you feedback but please take this as constructive criticism not me being another internet bully or just trash talking your site for the sake of it like its the "cool" thing to do.

1) so you mentioned that you doing headlines like gizmodo, fair enough you trying something different but at the same time you ripping off someone elses originality and you don't do it as well as they do. you should rather try to find your own style instead. if i wanted gizmodo like headlines and news style, id visit their site.

2) try not to use sensationalist headlines for views. ive seen it done a couple of times on here just for the clicks.

3) keep profanity to a minimum as much as you can. now i know some swear words could be used as "sentence enhancers" but im sure a lot of people, including yourselves, could write a complete article without swearing. (which ive seen done before). im not only talking about this article but rather some of your previous content in the past as well. it just looks more professional to readers if you can use regular English to get your point across. unless you not running a site but rather a personal blog in which case i might be mistaken of my critiquing of your site in general.

now with that said, i would like to take this time to also share with you the things i like about your site.
1) the content is current and up to date. so props to your writers and researchers. (not to be mistaken with how you present your content, which is what i critiqued above)
2) the layout of your site is actually quite good, better than others and very straightforward to navigate around.
3) i also like that you are unbiased when reviewing products.

Shikoku1428d ago

Dont listen to them write how you want if your start pandering it will never end...

Shikoku1428d ago

Not really I think its fine.

KickSpinFilter1428d ago

Are we really shocked by this?
We knew he was a moron before some elected him...but here we are.