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Sony's first OLED is a thing of beauty, even with the fairly pointless curvature. New addition 'Side-sense' echoes HTC U11's ancillary input but it's a more comprehensive use of the method. Refinements to Sony's Xperia launcher have led to a fantastic Android skin. The best Xperia flagship to date.

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Telford91252d ago

I wonder what finally convinced Sony to abandon the horrendous design of old?

PrimeVinister252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Honestly, sales were low for a long time before they changed... God knows.

I wouldn't say 'horrendous' but the designs were very 2005 even though it was 2015. And some people liked the chunkier platform to hold on to - Xperia has always had a core market that liked the security of a well-built, easily-gripped handset as well as Sony's audio software.

My housemate has never owned another brand of smartphone. Ever.
My cousin is almost the same. Almost always an Xperia.

ChristianReggieWait252d ago

Do can I get a half decent Sony phone Now?