Samsung Rolls Out Galaxy A9 With Rear Quad Camera, A Touchstone For Galaxy S10?

Samsung has officially rolled out its latest smartphone Galaxy A9, which is the first smartphone in the world with four rear cameras.

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Agent_00_Revan29d ago

"with a price tag of about $725, looks like a typical mid-range Android smartphone"


Phones are out of hand.

blackblades29d ago

Ikr, they cost more then a tv a mid budget tv at that. Cost more then a laptop, desktop computer, game console. Then you have a tablet that has about everything a phone has but bigger and cost less. Like why are they so expensive?

Heavenly King25d ago

In order to have the same technology in less space, you need to invest in smaller / expensive components.

KingPin29d ago

soon all phones will come with 32 cameras, 5 fingerprint scanners, 4 screens, 3 batteries and blood test scanners to verify ID.