Intel i9-9900K and Core i7-9700K Listed For $480 and $370

Silicon Lottery had accidentally listed the two upcoming intel processors along with their retail prices. The site had recently put up a new page for the new generation of Coffee Lake-R processors

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1087d ago
Asuka1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

$370 for a cpu with 4 less threads than its last gen counterpart? No thanks Intel

Cobra9511086d ago

Depends on how much slower each core has to be to accommodate the extra heat and overhead of more cores, particularly for gaming.

The downvote isn't mine. I'm on the fence.

ABizzel11086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

The 9700k is going to be the better chip, even if slightly so.

Generally speaks pure cores perform better than threads in like for like CPU architecture. So I’m multithreaded task the 9700k should take a minor lead in clock for clock speeds (likely very minor).

That being said the 8700k is going to be a much better value, since it’ll offer similar performance and soon be $50 - $100 cheaper depending on the retailer heading into the holiday season.

So most consumers are better off getting the 8700k and spending the savings elsewhere like their GPU.

1086d ago
FlyingFoxy1086d ago

I'm probably going to wait until next year, my 5820k is holding up well for me atm. Zen 2 could be interesting since it's supposed to be aimed at Intel Ice Lake, though I'd be surprised if their new chips manage to surpass Intel 9700k and 9900k in minimum fps with games