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Nvidia and AMD Graphics cards prices will rise courtesy Trump's tariff laws

Graphics cards prices may increase following Donald Trump's trade war with China, demanding 10 percent tariff on $200 billion of imports.

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Gwiz205d ago

Well it's not like everything is getting cheaper any way..

mrdgamez205d ago

Well, finally the USA needs to pay up. Look at the EU we always pay the premium for products. Like the new 2080ti is in the EU is like 100 to 150 EURO more expensive than in the USA, then you do the Currency Convert 1300 Euro is 1,509.67 Dollar and you are still cheaper off in the USA with the new tariff laws. All that Fake News media is like saying it is dooms day for USA, well welcome to the EU. In EU this is the common pratice since 15+ years.

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