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Amazon plants fake packages in delivery trucks to 'trap' drivers who are stealing

Amazon uses fake packages to catch delivery drivers who are stealing, according to sources with knowledge of the practice.

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Avalanche2038d ago

something isnt right here

they said Amazon made 177Billion last year....and lost over 40billion due to theft, error or fraud.

there is no chance in hell Amazon had over 40Billion in losses.... its impossible....

SunnyZ2038d ago

Nah "Shrinkage – the industry’s term for losses attributable to theft, error, or fraud – cost retailers nearly $US47 billion last year"
That's the total loss for all retailers, not just amazon.

Avalanche2037d ago

Ok i misread that lol. I thought it said, it cost the retailer(amazon)

Someone would have had some explaining to do

RedDevils2038d ago

I wonder do America is so hard to earn a living to have so much theft in that figures?

Cobra9512038d ago

It's a lot harder than it used to be, but crooks are going to steal whatever they can get away with regardless of the economy.

Aither2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

This doesn't make any sense. Logistics companies track their packages in a system, so they would know where a package was lost while en-route to its destination. If a tracked package is out for delivery, but never arrives, it can be assumed it was either lost or stolen while the delivery drive had it in their possession. If this becomes a common occurrence, it can again be assumed the delivery drive may be stealing the packages. If Amazon is concerned about the theft of packages, then why don't they have every package signed for by the customer, instead of being left outside on the porch.

admiralvic2038d ago

"If Amazon is concerned about the theft of packages, then why don't they have every package signed for by the customer, instead of being left outside on the porch."

Inconvenient and would likely just be another step to get to the same end. Like, if you have a full time job you likely won't be home when a mail person comes. So, you'll get a slip saying they missed you and give you the steps to obtain your package. Most people, who probably won't either have time or interest in going to the post office to get it, will simply sign the paper and forego the process and have them leave it. From there all the aforementioned things still have a chance of occurring, Amazon just did their part. However, if someone gets screwed, they'll likely complain and if Amazon goes "well, you signed for it..." they'll lose business and you get the point.

Cobra9512038d ago

"During deliveries, drivers scan the labels of every package they deliver. When they scan a fake label on a dummy package, an error message will pop up."

Make more sense now? These packages are not going anywhere real, so they need to go back to the source. If they don't come back, red flag goes up. But the story also reports that these packages may be empty, or have things of scarcely any value. You don't catch many fish with bare hooks. They need some decent bait.


UPS does this as well. I used to work in a Hub sorting packages to conveyor belts years ago. The supervisors would plant open packages of candy and other goods on the belts and watch to see if people would pick it up.


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sonicwrecks55d ago

I've fixed the images on some of these past submissions of yours. Please in the future make sure the image isn't broken on submission.( I always found it best to download/upload it to be honest. )


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