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PC & Gaming Component Prices To Rise By 15-30% As US Tariffs Soar

PC component prices are set to rise courtesy of the new US tariffs that may come into effect from September 6th. Expect hardware costs to rise by 15 to 30%.

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Cobra9511235d ago

I've long said that I'd be willing to pay 3 times as much for a stereo (yeah, that's how long) if it keeps the good jobs from bleeding out of the US. Well, we've practically bled out since, at least in production and manufacturing. I don't know that the pain from these tariffs will lead to a welcome reversal of fortune, but I don't mind the effort--not yet, anyway. I have no trust that the government as a whole will follow through.

The theory is quite simple: if a chair costs $50 to make here, that's what it will cost to make elsewhere and import here. Companies can either ignore the US market, or deal with the imposed level playing field. Someone will pick up the slack if others decide they don't want to play by those rules. The reality is filled with complications and corruptions, and the effort may be for naught. Time will tell.

bow2yoda1235d ago

none of this stuff or anything similar is made in the us. this is a price hike because they can... and we cannot do anything about it. unless u want to turn the us to a toxic wasteland from pcb production