AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX 53% Faster Than The Intel Core i9-7980XE

The Cinebench results show a 53% deficit between Intel Core i9 7980XE and AMD's upcoming flagship, the 32 core Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX.

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2pacalypsenow169d ago


We should get some benchmarks not ran on either Intel or AMD labs.

Cobra951169d ago

First off, why are they comparing a next-gen Threadripper to a Gen-7 i9? The top 9000-series i9 is what goes head-to-head with Ryzen's future flagship. Second, what is the per-core comparison? You can't put 9 married couples in a room and make a baby in a month. Some jobs, like most games, require top single-core performance.

ProjectVulcan169d ago

Well the comparison is because AMD will have this chip ready and out in the next month. Intel's Cascade- x response probably isn't due for at least another 3-4 months. The fabled 28 core that Intel showed off seems like it'll be a consumer product that could take on this 32 core Threadripper, but not too soon.

Secondly Intel's monolithic designs are always likely to win on a per core/thread basis, but the people buying this sort of massively threaded CPU are generally most interested in massively threaded workloads. Kind of self evident I think.

The gaming market for 28 and 32 core processors doesn't exist, any small disparity in gaming performance would be of little concern at this level.

ChickeyCantor169d ago

It's comparing by price points.

168d ago
pinkyxyz168d ago

this is pretty easy to answer. the core comparison doesn't matter because the chips are in the same price bracket. If the argument is going to be that it should be only about cores (just for example) then Intel should price it accordingly. because right now, their high end offerings are a ripoff (when talking about overall performance)

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Lionsguard168d ago

I'm gonna get so many frames on my Minecraft now, cant wait!