Why is nobody talking about cryptocurrency all of a sudden?

Everybody was talking about how cryptocurrency. But all of a sudden, it seems like the majority of the world has gone quiet.

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n1kki6852d ago

Thats because it's not appealing to the majority of people. Most people only jumped on because they thought it was quick money. I'm am still making money. It;s not about the value you the coin. People make money in the swings. It's not a difficult concept, buy low sell high, constant easy 10% gains.

blacktiger851d ago

Just because internet which controls by mainstream media doesn't mean no one is taking about it,

Cobra951852d ago

As someone into PC gaming, I greatly appreciate that reality break. No more gold rush. Yay.

I love those graphs. They gladden my heart.

gdemos01852d ago

I feel you :) Unfortunatelly I dont think the GPU prices are going to go down anytime soon..

ChrisW851d ago

Sadly, I think the next line of GPUs will restart the crypto-craze

Speed-Racer852d ago

I'm not even bothering to read this, but the long and short is that the hype is over. Until there is another major spike, crypto is now relegated to a niche investment field.

ILostMyMind851d ago

I can't buy what i want with it. It has no value for me.

gdemos01851d ago

Well, you can't buy what you want with it YET

blacktiger851d ago

Until milk can be bought with bitcoin, these people won't understand that bitcoin is like foreign currency, you have to buy in order to invest to use it,