And now Facebook has blocked Alex Jones for 30 days

Yesterday, YouTube gave Alex Jones’ channel a strike for violating the company’s policies against hate speech and child endangerment. This resulted in four of his videos being removed from his channel along with not being able to live stream for 90 days.

Today, he’s being slapped with a 30-day block on Facebook.

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Cobra951296d ago

If they keep validating the fear of censorship among conservatives, they're in for an even harsher backlash.

ChrisW295d ago

Call it what you may, but violating company policy is a good way to get your content blocked

Protagonist295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Conservative is that another word for a lying manipulating fat fraud in this case?

ChrisW295d ago

"Is this a loss for free speech?"

Unless he's getting arrested for what he says... Absolutely not!

Also, it's anyone's 1st Amend Right to tell him to "shut up!" because they don't like what he's saying.

Protagonist295d ago

Problem is is that those fat frauds do not believe in that 1st Amend Right unless is suits their sick little twisted fat fraudulent alt-right small fedora wearing mindset.