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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1170 Benchmark leaks show up online

With NVIDIA’s latest generation of graphics cards less then a month away, benchmarks and other leaks have started showing up online. One such leak is an image of the GTX 1170 benchmark scores.

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Avery1897d ago

So fake, The result doesn't add up, FS score should be 24 507 instead of 22 989 + NVIDIA Quadro P600 Graphics Driver for Windows 10 April 2018 Update 64-bit & 2.5 ghz Wtf. Stop spreading fake shit.

DarkZane1897d ago

"With NVIDIA’s latest generation of graphics cards less then a month away".

It's a lot more than a month away, I am actually starting to doubt this is releasing in 2018 at this point.

SunnyZ1896d ago

Yeah, they still have so much backlog of 10xx cards to try get rid of.
Not going to be releasing 11xx cards any time soon. Not on the mass market anyway.

m2stech1896d ago

someone please ban this indian fake news site


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