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Zuckerberg seems to suggest Holocaust deniers have a place on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has stepped into some fresh controversy. In an interview with Recode, the Facebook co-founder said Holocaust deniers should be allowed to post comments on the social networking site. Soon after, he tried to amend those comments, which probably adds to the confusion, as you can see below.

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Cobra951142d ago

Quite simple, really. Facebook as a business can censor all they want, but it would only diminish their stature as a social medium. Let's see where this goes.

subtenko142d ago

they already do, it happens everywhere i hope you know that

2pacalypsenow142d ago

While I agree with free speech, when FB sensors other groups it doesn't agree with, it's no longer about free speech.

Deadpoolio142d ago

I know its hard to grasp, because who needs to know what they're talking about ever just vomit out free speech and call it a day....However since you clearly have no clue what the first amendment actually says, it states that you are protected from THE GOVERNMENT....The Government cannot punish, imprison or silence your speech. Your job CAN fire you, your landlord CAN evict you, your neighborhood CAN shun you...Freedom of speech also does not protect you from consequences......With that said IF its brain dead morons having brain dead moron conversations on the internet, then fine, BUT IF its "news" sites like Alex Jones and his brain dead garbage trying to "present:" this garbage as news than YES anything should be removed when its being presented as "factual" news

Speed-Racer142d ago

Thank you. People always seem to get this concept mixed up and use it conveniently where it does not apply.

subtenko142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

I dont think what you think so you shouldnt be here...


KillZallthebeast142d ago

Thats not a thing on fb anymore actually

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Kabaneri142d ago

Facebook is so progressive they censor conservatives but leave an open platform for Islamic radicals to spread their ideology.

KillZallthebeast142d ago

They'll ban someone with an opinion but build a platform for religions. Go figure

ChrisW140d ago

BS!!! You obviously do not know what you're talking about!

Aside from obvious hate groups, which deserve no podium what-so-ever, no matter how bad or vile a subject seems to you; pro-Trump, pro-Obama, LNWJs, RNWJs, FAKE NEWS, pro-drugs, pro/anti-abortion, pro/anti-guns, Sandyhook deniers, Holocaust deniers (you don't have to be a Nazi to be a denier!), Christian extremists, religions other than your own... and so on, if FB, using their list, cannot deem them in violation of their own set forth policies, there's nothing they should do about it.

And with that in mind, if a "conservative" page gets deleted or censored, as you so mentioned, then they OBVIOUSLY did something stupid that violated FB's policies. It's not rocket science!!!

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