Elon Musk issued the world's weakest apology to cave rescuer he a called a 'pedo'

Vern Unsworth, one of the rescuers who was responsible for helping save a Thai football team trapped in the caves of Thailand was recently called a pedo by Elon Musk on Monday. Today, Musk kinda issued him an apology. Sort of.

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RabbitFly92d ago

When on earth did tech-sites start reporting on interpersonal politics?

Tech publications and web sites where probably one of the last I expected to turn full tabloid.

drpepperdude92d ago

What are you talking about, politics have showed up on every type of website especially the liberal ones.

Speed-Racer92d ago

I guess people are so obsessed with getting as many views as possible. Maybe that's why Gizmodo can't turn a profit as of late even though they keep hitting record highs, because they're so politically motivated. Oh well. I can't think of any big tech site that hasn't succumbed to the political curse.

thejigisup92d ago

I find this level of trolling appropriate.

FlyingFoxy92d ago

Won't be so smug once the police come knockin at his door.

Kabaneri92d ago

This guy is getting very arrogant lately. He thinks hes a real life Tony Stark.

Master of Unlocking92d ago

How's one supposed to reply when he's told by some dude on twitter to shove the submarine he offers to work on to save the kids in Thailand, up his a$$ (sorry "where it hurts", I believe that was)?
Maybe calling the dude a pedo was uncalled for, but so was the initial insult thrown at him when all he wanted was to help.