Netflix is launching a new Ultra plan, but honestly, it’s probably just another money grab

Netflix is testing a new subscription plan called Ultra. No, this tier doesn’t give you extra episodes of “Stranger Things” or early access to the new season of “Orange is the New Black.” Instead, the Ultra tier would allow four devices to receive Ultra HD video and audio streaming simultaneously.

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blackblades973d ago

Eh they need to add a plan for one udh alone or hd and uhd to lower the cost. I'm mainly the only one that uses it and if someone did use it, it's not at the same time.

PhantomS42973d ago

If they are creating a new tier then all movies available in UHD better be up for stream if not what else could they add on top of the 13.99 for the UHD streaming?

2pacalypsenow972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

Yeah for Netflix I don’t care about UHD or HDR, it’s alreasy compressed to hell.

That’s what I have 4k Blu Ray for. I’m not upgrading.

ninsigma972d ago

That's lame. Upgrade to new plan for more money to get what you're currently getting for less. Hope they don't go through with it.

annoyedgamer972d ago

They need to add more 4k content before they start charging users more.