The Rise of PC Gaming and The Shrinking Lifespans of Consoles

Which team are you on? PC, PS4 or Xbox One? What made you buy that particular gaming platform? What do you expect from your gaming console or PC?

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xer01722d ago (Edited 1722d ago )

lol - hilarious title when you consider last gen lasted 8 years and this gen will last just as long.

I remember articles like this 10 years ago.
I’m sure i’ll see another like it in another 10 years 😆

ProjectVulcan1722d ago (Edited 1722d ago )

Considering that Microsoft and Sony saw fit to release heavily revised versions of their consoles just 3-4 years after their previous ones and Wii U lasted less than 5 years then the title is accurate.

Also even if you assume that PS4 and Xbox One are of one generation, they clearly aren't lasting 8 years. 7 years absolute maximum, end of 2020. Possibly sooner.

mechlord1722d ago

cmon mydude, its not x1 and ps4 are different consoles. its not like you have games that run on those and not on their base forms. Also, even if new consoles come out in 2020, what do you think will happen with their predecessors? stop functioning overnight? do you think publishers will release no more games for ps4/X1 after the new kids come to the block? who said a generation ends when the new consoles get released?

kevnb1721d ago

poor selling consoles often only last 4-5 years or even less, and an upgraded version of the current system for niche users does nothing to change console life span.

ethereal_trespasser1722d ago

10 years ago you didn't have a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X that came out a mere 4 years after the PS4/XB1

Kokyu1721d ago

No it wontthis gennwont be 8yrs.

mechlord1722d ago

what do they mean with "rise of pc gaming". was it ever down or dead?
and what do they mean by "shrinking of lifespans of consoles"? dude's been comatose for the last 20 years or so?

ethereal_trespasser1721d ago

Please read the article before commenting

kevnb1721d ago

i read it, its just a bunch of nonsense and straw man arguments.

Kokyu1721d ago

It was dieing before steam came along because publishers were having a hardtime fight piracy or so they claimed.

tawak1721d ago

hasnt PC has like upgrade every year?