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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Resigns Over Relationship With Employee

Intel has announced that CEO Brian Krzanich has resigned from the company effective immediately. The decision was taken by the CEO after the company learned of his relationship with an Intel employee. “Intel was recently informed that Mr. Krzanich had a past consensual relationship with an employee,” the company said in a press release. “An …

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ClanPsi338d ago

I always find these stories really bizarre and ridiculous. If you work with someone for a long time and find you have mutual interests, it's perfectly normal to want to start a relationship. Why is that a problem? It should be illegal for any company to enforce a non-fraternization policy.

I live in Japan, and pretty much 90% of all married couples here meet at work. While that is the opposite end of the spectrum and also very extreme, I don't see why there can't be some sort of middle-ground.

annoyedgamer338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Trust me, as someone who grew up in the west. You have it far better over there. If you see western social justice mobs trying to influence your culture, tell them off immediately and warn your friends before you end up like us. Our time here in the west is nearing its end.

Cobra951338d ago

It's completely unnatural. If you are a hard-working professional, the only people you meet with any regularity are coworkers. And they have a lot in common with you, obviously. Outing job-security coercion (like a manager with his secretary) is extremely easy, so this should never serve as an excuse for non-fraternization policies between consenting coworkers.

Having said that, is this what really happened here? This is the Intel CEO, not some middle manager. If they loved him, I have a feeling this drama never would have seen the light of day. Someone wanted an excuse to get rid of him, and they found one?

annoyedgamer338d ago

The same guy who gaVe millions to Anita and her "feminist frequency".

bluefox755337d ago

That's a bit extreme, I'd say. I know tons of married couples who have met at work. It's not always a good idea if it doesn't work out, then you're working with someone you had a fallout with, but there are plenty that do work out as well.