Intel 28-core fantasy vs. AMD 32-core reality

Knowing full well that AMD would be showing a 32-core Threadripper CPU during Computex 2018, Intel created a diversion to steal some of AMD’s thunder a day early, showing unreal Cinebench numbers from a suspecting 28-core 5GHz CPU that is not a real product.

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ChrisW1819d ago

As a gamer, my quad-core @ 4.0Ghz base clock seems like it's going to be doing fine for several more years. This insane core count stuff is for people who need a beefy workstation. So... good for them... but it's irrelevant to me.

Cobra9511818d ago

That many cores bring additional overhead, not to mention power and thermal challenges. They're not meant for consumers. However, 4 cores are soon to be what 2 cores were just a few years ago: entry level. We're moving on to 6 and 8 cores minimum, plus HT, at the consumer level. Game developers will start using the extra cores for better performance. You and I will have to face that music at some point.

KingPin1817d ago

Intel just got owned by AMD yet again. seems like a running trend with the most recent range of processors.