Bitcoin could reach $25,000 this year according to analysts

According to Robert Sluymer and Tom Lee, both being Wall Street analysts, we could see Bitcoin not only coming back to its former glory but also reaching $25,000 before the end of the year.

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pressjudge626d ago

We should see some high and I think 25k is a price that will be hit

Lionsguard625d ago

These articles are nothing but "analysts" who hope that there are poor suckers out there who will buy into this story and then buy BTC until it hits their goal which is probably not even 25k. They'll then sell their holdings leaving said poor suckers holding the purse at another dumb all time high which will again crash because those suckers will panic and sell and then some time later, another one of these articles will pop up. The cycle will repeat until some idiot is left holding BTC at prices that no one will ever buy at like Tulipmania.