Woman looking at Apple Watch found guilty of distracted driving

A judge rejected Victoria Ambrose’s testimony that, despite the multi-function of the electronic device that straps to the wrist, she was only checking the time

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Cobra951161d ago

It seems to me that Apple should foot the bill for a competent appeal, and a challenge to this law as too broad or too vague. I don't mind this woman having to pay a CD $400 fine. She clearly was distracted But the decision here ("cellphone taped to wrist") seems to make wearable tech itself a legal risk while piloting a vehicle

steven83r161d ago

If holding a phone while driving is a legal risk why can't a watch on your wrist that makes calls and text be the same? She was probably reading text or surfing the web on her wrist thinking that is was a loop hole. If you are looking at the time it should only take you less than 3 seconds. And 99% of all vehicles today have clocks so....the judge was correct.