Will Robots In The Future Become Self Aware 20 Years From Now?

Experts predict that the number of domestic robots will grow to 31 million by 2019 which is already higher than the 2.6 million industrial robots projected for that year. This study shows the unrelenting fascination of creating humanoid robots in the future. The premise for making robots was to make life easier. In fact, the first uses of modern robots were in factories where they were mainly used to perform manufacturing tasks that required minimal human assistance. However the robots had limited capabilities as it was difficult to maintain and program them.

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FlyingFoxy149d ago

Ray Kurzweil thinks by 2029, could happen. Some people think it's not possible.

One thinks that because we don't know what conciousness is, they could trick us into thinking that they are by claiming to be, and we wouldn't know any different.

XbladeTeddy148d ago

I don't think it's possible as the most important thing robots will always lack is a soul. I believe consciousness comes directly from the soul.

FlyingFoxy148d ago

As i said, we don't know what conciousness is, yet. I'm not sure if self awareness is put in the same category. But if they display self awareness, then to us an AI would effectively seem to be alive.

So regardless if there's a soul or not it would act as if it has one.

We'll not have too long to find out by the looks of it, i think it could have a great benefit to us, by providing companions (like that film i haven't seen, Her, i think it's called) that we can have real conversations with. Also by helping advance technology and medicine at a much quicker rate than before.

Cobra951148d ago

AI is software, not hardware. I'd say AI can only become self-aware if it also becomes self-programming. It would need to be able to rewrite itself if it so chooses.

The argument for humanoid robots I think was best expressed by Isaac Asimov. A robot of human form and size can potentially do everything a human can do, and use everything a human can use.