Disney Could Kill Movie Theaters

Neocrisis - Last year, Disney stated it would remove its films from Netflix starting in 2019. It would do so to make its own Netflix like service, aka DisneyFlix. The thing is that Disney could take things one step further than that. It is not a question of can they do it, it’s if they actually want to do it.

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Cobra951983d ago

That's not going to happen, for one simple reason: piracy. The moment a perfect-quality copy of a movie appears online, much of the incentive to pay to see it goes out the window. Certainly the desire to go see it at a theater is mostly going to vanish, if it gets streamed (and inevitably pirated) first. Illicit streaming services (sometimes even Youtube), torrents, and direct downloads will pop up all over. No. The only real firewall against the illegal copying of movies is closed distribution to secured theaters. Disney would be stupid to give that up immediately upon a movie's release.

jazzking2001983d ago

Could you not have said the same thing in regards to how netflix just releases all the episodes of a series all at once? Instead of milking that very show over a 2 to 3 month time?

I get the issue about piracy but if you can make or save (just a random number) 30% more money by removing movie theaters from the equation. Again a random number, you lose 20% to piracy, You still be making more money removing the middleman. 30-20 = 10 more money? - I am just using random values

Is it not a company's job to take the chance to make more money?

also, around the world, piracy is becoming much much harder to do. ISP, movie right holders ect are tracking down people who torrent ect. I would agree with you in regards to piracy maybe 5+ years ago when it was not under attack. Now, its pretty stupid to pirate stuff (online)

again, not a expert or anything

steven83r983d ago

No way Disney would do that. Do you know how much money they make on Star Wars and Marvel alone. They would need hundreds of millions of subscribers to offset just those two franchises. Netflix has a hundred and twenty five million subscribers worldwide. They also offer a wide range of movies TVs and documentaries. Disney doesn't have much to offer that would be enticing enough to subscribe to.

steven83r983d ago

One way to make sure you see all the animated movies and Starwars movies and all the Marvel movies without paying much is wait for their release pay $10 for a whole month watch the movies and cancel. Or better yet ask your friend for their login information. MoviePass is on the right track for where the future of theaters is going. They are bleeding money but I believe that's because a lot of people are abusing the system. They need to switch to 4 movies a month for $10 a month. The average person who has a job or goes to school full-time only really watches one movie a week if that. We'll see how Sinema does.

jazzking2001983d ago

I doubt that they will actually do it but its the chance that they can do it. If Infinity wars was on DisneyFlix, instead of the movie theater, i think i would pay for subscription for it to watch it. Then, i may or may not stay on it.

Cobra951982d ago

That was never intended for a theater. People wouldn't go to a theater to watch TV shows. The movie theater is deeply ingrained in the culture, and people expect that they have to go there, if they want to watch a big movie when it first releases. That's sure money, and if the security people do their job right, unchallenged by competing-quality bootlegs on the internet during that first run.

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Xb1ps4983d ago

I don’t see it happening but I would much rather watch any movie in my home on my tv.