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Nvidia is about to release a 3GB variant of the GTX 1050

Nvidia's GTX 1050 has had a major issue all this time. 2GB of VRAM just doesnt suffice for higher resolution textures. Nvidia seems to have finally realised that because according to Expreview, a 3GB variant of the GTX 1050 is in the works.

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Cobra951166d ago

I recommend waiting for a full expert analysis of this product, before considering buying it. Nvidia have made some detrimental changes to product specs while keeping the product names unchanged. As a result, "GTX 1050" cannot be trusted to reflect what this product actually is, beyond containing 3 GB of VRAM.

Asuka165d ago

This. Nvidia doesn't mention that the 3GB "1060" has shaved down cuda cores compared to it's 6GB variant. It isn't even the same product at that point.

KTF26165d ago

While I agree the naming of GTX 1060 is bad and scammy

but "doesn't mention" part is completely wrong
they announced it when they released the cards and you can see the specs of both here

FlyingFoxy165d ago

Gamers shouldn't be on anything less than a GTX 1060 tbh, but even lower mid-range cards have gotten more expensive than they used to be.. They have dropped a bit lately but likely only because of the new range due soon.

ABizzel1165d ago

I disagree. PC gaming enthusiast shouldn't be below a 1060, but for many gamers the 1050 and even lower GPUs are the most affordable performers in their region, and sometimes it's significantly cheaper and easier for them to have a old but decent pre-built PC where they can just pop in a 1050 and game a solid settings, then it is to try building an entire PC.

The more people gaming and the easier the entry cost the better the gaming industry does as a whole, which means continued support and more games. If you're looking for high-end gaming the 1060 is the starting point, but it doesn't mean the other GPUs aren't worthwhile to millions of others.