Nokia 6, 7 plus & 8110 'Banana Phone' Hands-On and Release Dates | Elite Gamer

Nokia impress with their upcoming offerings. The 8110 is solid and snappy. Nokia 6 and 7 plus carry a unique and attractive physical design that should help them stand out. At €249 and €399 respectively, they are a pair to be reckoned with.

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Telford91180d ago

Will they be as indestructible as the 3310? It'd be a pretty big selling point in today's market of phones that are covered in glass

PrimeVinister180d ago

The 8110 feels like it could be a weapon of last resort. Or used as a kinetic tank-busting projectile.

Nokia 7 plus has an aluminium body with a layer of 'ceramic' on it - I imagine it would absorb a good drop with some superificial damage. The screen isn't inset nor is there much of a bezel so a face-first drop might be its last.

The screen is Gorilla Glass 3 so it doesn't have the shatter resistance of other Android flagship. Although the other flagships are more expensive, some are much more so.

Much of the same could be said of the Nokia 6 except that the screen pokes out a little less so it might be slightly harder-wearing.

subtenko179d ago

Seems dumb.... that design with the slide is irrelevant to making the phone shorter, it just covers the keypads....would be better if the screen covered the keypad or just not have a cover at all...

1nsomniac179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Had the banana/matrix phone the first time around. Would love to have an updated version for nostalgia reasons, not sure if I would buy one though. It does look pretty sexy though so I might.

PrimeVinister175d ago

No WhatsApp means I couldn't replace my smartphone with it if I tried...

It is really cool though, having messed with it for a while. The banana yellow isn't as gaudy as it looks in the promo shots and it feels really solid and well-made. Everything is really snappy and quick - it has a low-end smartphone CPU from 2015 and 512MB of RAM so the KAI OS and almost any apps for it are a cakewalk.

At around €/$90, it is a slightly expensive featurephone - I will have review up in a week or two and will let ya know if it is worth it. Looks like a yes if ya can live with WhatsApp TBH.