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Should Robots Have the Same Basic Rights as Humans?

The plan by the European Commission to give robots legal status of “electronic person” is quite interesting. Imagine your car with rights.

I can just see this changing into something ambiguous, reaching the point where it gets out of control as more and more persons want to add to what is already there.

Cobra9512186d ago


Oh, was I supposed to qualify that obvious answer? What moron would ever think such a pile of nonsense . . . oh, the European Commission.


BioDead2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

If they declare that they have consciousness and they are self beings, then yes. What is the difference with artificially built consciousness and nature made? What if in future human can be made from scratch and it can be exactly like normal human being and not detectable at all that it is made artificially. The artificial human can feel, think, live, eat, cry, sleep... everything like normal one and we don't give them human rights?

masterfox2185d ago

well if the robot have self awareness and decide by themselves and not by the code that was implemented to it, so probably yes, but yet again when that happens if ever happens of course , robot rights won't even matter cause they will try to extinguish us for sure!, skynet baby!!! :D


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