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Ars Technica, Stop Exaggerating About Bezels; It's No Big Deal

Ars Technica's Ron Amadeo apparently hates the new Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium because it has, he says and I quote, "miles of bezels". Here is my two cents on what I think about this whole bezel-less craze taking over the smartphone market.

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ajax17187d ago

I couldn't agree more👍

3-4-5186d ago

Bezels on phones are that big of a deal.

Bezels on the imac need to shrink for sure. They look a decade out of date.

OmnislashVer36186d ago

Bezels are really nice IMO-

1) Provides contrast with the screen and whatever is behind it. This makes the picture more immersive.

2) Houses capacitive buttons. Why would they remove physical bezels for digital ones? It doesn't even make sense- they do the same thing, just physical bezels are more aesthetically pleasing because of reason 1. Digital bezels are usually white as well which is counterintuitive towards anyone working for a screen that doesn't blind you. Even if they're black, the shade of black is usually different from the bezel, meaning inconsistency. It's counterintuitive in every aspect.

3) 18:9 is a stupid screen trend. 16:9 is plenty tall and what media plays back at. By giving an 18:9 screen you're essentially adding bars to the sides of video. Let's be serious, we don't get anything out of 18:9 but a new number. Again, counterintuitive.

4) Bezels hold the top and bottom speakers and mic, as well as camera. Some house two speakers.

All in all I can understand wanting to shrink bezels slightly, but bezels make a phone so much better. I had a choice between a OnePlus 5 and 5T and chose the 5 for all of these reasons. The 5T and 6 are just badly designed.

Speed-Racer186d ago

I think the whole no bezel thing is an in-vogue phase. One journalist says it sucks and suddenly everyone who wants to seem relevant says the same. I mean edge to edge is cool but some of us like a little bezel, so heck, buy what you want. You don't necessarily need the opinion of a tech journalist to determine what you should get.

abhi_am186d ago

Also, it's a phone, after all! How would a few bezels hurt when you're still practically getting a pretty big screen to stare at. These stack of people complaining about bezels should grow up!

yomfweeee186d ago

I understand how a small bezel isn't a requirement for some people, but honestly don't see how anyone would prefer a bezel?

Speed-Racer186d ago

That's exactly the thing, some people hate it, and there are others who don't mind it. I like tiny bezels tbh. I just don't get why some authors sometimes cry down an entire phone just because of a bezel.

186d ago
yomfweeee186d ago

Why would you need to hold your phone with your fingers on the bezel when it is in-use? I've used some phones with some large bezels and I can't ever remember the bezel being a benefit or holding the phone with my fingers on the bezel.

I don't really care about small bezel, but I wouldn't argue it is a benefit to have a bezel.

PapaBop186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

I was due an upgrade around the time of launch so ended up getting the S8 plus on release day. On the day I got it, I was completely blown away, around the same size as my older phone but over a inch bigger screen. It really looked absolutely incredible and I was continually blown away by it for a good two to three months afterwards. After owning it for a year though, it obviously doesn't impress me much anymore but at the same time, it's still a feature that I value. Bezel certainly isn't the be all end all and I don't think it's fair to criticise phones like the new Experia for having it but at the same time, when I'm due an upgrade and I'm trying to choose between two fairly similar spec phones with near identical features, I know which one I'd choose.

Is there actually any benefits to the Bezel on the Experia XZ2? I know in older HTC phones, the bezel was there because they needed it for the high quality audio experience. If that's the case with the new Experia then yeah, being critical of the bezel is ridiculous. I know a lot of people whose most important factor when buying a new phone is the quality of the audio/speakers. Different features for different people. Just like for me, getting in a larger screen into the same size as a phone with an inch smaller screen is a feature I'd value because I have tiny hands.