GrayKey Box can crack six-digit iOS password in 11 hours on average

If you're an iPhone user (or use any iOS device as a matter), it may be time to consider using a stronger passcode.

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Speed-Racer186d ago

Wonder how quickly before these devices get leaked into the public's hands.

AlphaCeph186d ago

I'm just worried about them seeing my nudes

demonicale186d ago

HA HA! ... we all worry about that.

Cobra951185d ago

"The GrayKey Box allegedly bypasses this delay protocol"

What the hell use is an anti-brute-force delay protocol that can get bypassed by an external device, Apple? No wonder we keep seeing massive data breaches. Does anyone working for the big companies know how to implement security right?

craziestsock185d ago

That'd be a no. They probably hired a bestbuy geek squad employee to implement their security. lol