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The Facebook In Congress Calamity - Testimony Turns Into Old People Confused About The Internet

NRM: "Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before members of Congress. Many expected a thorough grilling of the social network’s founder. Instead, we got a bunch of old people who didn’t know a single thing about the internet."

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Cobra9511204d ago

You'd think at least one of those "old people" would have asked someone in the business to bring them somewhat up to speed on current reality.

Speed-Racer1204d ago

CNET did a nice wrap up of the congressmen and women that don't understand how the Internet works

Kostche1202d ago

and? you think the majority of people that use facebook know anything about anything going on in world at the moment? lulz please.. at least the old people have reason for their ignorance, the public are just wet dreams of the goverments that herd there domesticated behinds