Why millennials will learn nothing from Facebook’s privacy crisis

Millennials don't seem to care that Facebook harvests their data for profit, but Zuckerberg should be worried.

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kevnb1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

why pick out a generation? Nobody is learning anything from this.

thorstein1388d ago

I was going to post something similar, and I am not even a millennial.

Cobra9511389d ago

I've never had a Facebook presence. I couldn't figure out how to stay anonymous enough. Your friends and family always know who you are, and they broadcast it further. My face ended up there recently when one of my daughters took a selfie with me, and immediately uploaded it. That was followed by comments from those connected to her, family and otherwise. It provoked the most mixed emotions in recent memory. No, I hate the very idea of Facebook. I guess that alone dates me pretty well.

Anzil1389d ago

We will kill the world.

DrShoe1389d ago

It's weird that the guys in the picture aren't Millenials but rather generation Z (those following the millennials). Fortunately Gen Z is proving to be a lot more conservative, while also being a lot more tech savvy than the alt-lifestyle freakazoids that makeup Gen Y.

Averyashimself1388d ago

Not that I disagree, but what makes you believe that Gen Z comprises of more conservative youth?

Highlife1388d ago

That's what i hear let's hope it's true

Weeblordbad1388d ago

It's a trend that's definitely visible, the issue is that just like the PC kids they often don't know as much as they think they do, before spouting things like gospel.

ASBO-51388d ago

In order to learn something one must first possess the ability to learn. Millennials are textbook cases of "Dumb as a box of rocks". Proof? Tide Pods & snorting condoms

PhantomS421388d ago

The wrong generation...that's the one below the millennials.

Weeblordbad1388d ago

Yeah I also generalize whole generations based on YouTube videos. What are the bets this guy graduated from high school between 2000 and 2010?