Generation Z Is Already Bored by the Internet

Teenagers today have unprecedented access to technology, and yet many report that they’ve never been so bored.

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KingPin862d ago

well they "phone bored" because they have nothing interesting in their thoughts.
most of them dont dream up new ideas or think of ways to improve things and im not talking about creating the next phone/best app/building spaceships, i mean simple things like improve studying methods, schooling ideas, social ideas to do with friends etc etc. nowadays its all about selfies and text messages or communicating with others in a virtual space.

its no wonder they are bored. this is why people need to go at least 3-4 hours a day without their phones and talk to real people be it your parents, gf, wife, brother , sister, whoever. i always make a rule that if someone is in the room with me to make a point of rather conversing with them than both sitting on our phones texting to people miles away. you have no idea how refreshing it can be.

roadkillers862d ago

I dont know if I agree on the idea, but I agree that I am sick of my phone. I just want to go outside and excersize and have dumb fun. I cant do that because my school work involves computers, my job involves computers, army wants me to setup stuff on the computer, i like video games which are on the computer, and the weather has been shit for 5 months. I just cannot wait for summer when I have no school. Im bored of technology, i want to do some physical challenges.

XbladeTeddy862d ago

Then do some physical challenge as you say. What's stopping you? I do 12 hour shifts in my job yet I'm still able to find time to socialise, hit the gym regularly, go running, travel places and generally live life. You're at school, you got more free time than anyone. Start boxing, weight lifting or something else physical. Not hard.

mcstorm862d ago

What I do find funny is that this generation is all about technology but they actually don't know anything about technology. We have had quite a few work experience and graduates come to my company and the lack of knowledge is shocking. Yeah they can use an iPhone but ask them a low end technical question they don't have a clue. I'm glad I was part of the gen coming into the Internet rather than the one now where its all about it.

WelkinCole862d ago

Hiking is a pretty good activity to do if you are looking at outdoors. Fresh air most of the time, away for tech and getting a good exercise as well.

Cobra951862d ago

I saw nothing there to dissuade me from thinking it's unhealthy to spend that much time staring at a phone and fingering it. Bored means unengaged. There's too much distance between a phone screen and real life for healthy engagement.

franwex862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

Is that the reason that generation is participating in more activities than other gens then?
By the way, I am not that gen.

360ICE862d ago

What does that even mean? What are you referring to?