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Can Elon Musk avoid the fate of John DeLorean? Tesla CEO may need to 'rethink' strategy

Will Tesla CEO Elon Musk join the Back to the Future carmaker on the list of swashbuckling executives who made a big splash but ultimately failed to reimagine the auto business?

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OffRoadKing197d ago

Is Elon Musk doing cocaine deals now?

level 360197d ago

Might need to hire better, more capable people who has very good focus skills.

thorstein196d ago

"Tesla stock plunged 23% from March 12 through March 29, the last day of active trading. At $266.13, shares are 32% below their all-time high of $389.61."

You keep selling, I'll keep buying. Did the same when the Doomz and Gloomz articles and subsequent stock drops in Amazon and Ebay. Your loss is my gain.

dcbronco194d ago

When you see this many articles attacking one person or company one of two things is going on. One, they're weeding out the suckers in the market. You've noticed the game and take advantage. The other is even more sinister. Our government is conspiring to undercut an industry changer. The model 3 will put most of the auto industry in a tough spot. The bolt can't be given away despite an all out media push. If big auto doesn't want to become second tier they have to pay off the government to attack Tesla. You also have coal and natural gas pushing government because power wall and Tesla renewable sources are allowing countries to get off the grid. They must get rid of Musk. He's actually offering something of value and who wants that?