Sony Xperia XZ2 review - Bold, Brilliant But Still Bezelled | Elite Gamer

A surplus of power, impressive battery life and incomparable video capture combined with Sony's new design is quite the package.

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Telford911072d ago

Three cheers for Sony for finally changing the look of their Xperia lineup

PrimeVinister1068d ago

I don't think it is a problem but many people use the presence of a bezel as a stick to beat certain phone brands with.
It's certainly worth mentioning in a review though, regardless of how I feel about it.

Speed-Racer1067d ago

Not pointing this at this review in particular, but I feel like sometimes reviews sway what we think phones should be about or look like. I've got an iPhone 8 Plus and it has a somewhat big bezel is comparison to most of the others out on the market today, but I personally like that border versus little to no bezel. I just feel like that are already small, so why make note of it.