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DirectX Raytracing Announced at GDC 2018

Microsoft today at GDC announced the Raytracing feature for it's DirectX 12 API, dubbed as DirectX Raytracing. DirectX 12 may have been around for a few years now, it was revealed by Microsoft at GDC 2014, to be precise. However, DirectX 12 adoption has still not progressed very far.

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Cobra951214d ago

This writer doesn't seem to understand real-time rendering. All 3D environments end up projected into 2D images, even when intended for VR. (2 projections are used for VR, from different perspectives.) Ray tracing or the lack thereof have nothing to do with it. In real-time rendering, shadows may be stamped from 2D outlines after a projection (as a possible performance shortcut); but by and large, lighting of object-model surfaces and the world surfaces happens in 3D. The rendered frames would not look right at all otherwise. Projection to a flat surface (e.g., the screen) is typically the final step.

ethereal_trespasser214d ago

Thanks for pointing it out. I actually do know how it works, but the way it was written made its sound like I was confusing rasterization with something else