You might soon be able to voice and video chat on Instagram

TechCrunch revealed that deep within Instagram’s code, there might be support for voice and video calling for the favorite photo-sharing app.

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Speed-Racer2100d ago

Doubt it. It seems more a tool for businesses to contact users rather than regular users getting a calling feature for each other.

KnowTechie2100d ago

Yikes, that sounds extremely invasive AF. That alone would be a good reason to delete the app.

Speed-Racer2099d ago

Ah maybe I presented it badly but maybe it's more for them to call you as a follow up, or maybe you being able to call them directly if you're interested in a product or service.

xer02099d ago

Nobody want's to voice / video chat on their phone.
Lack of people using facetime and flocking to chat apps is evidence of that.

People commonly text more often than call each other.


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