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Is Sony Mobile poised to be doomed?

Google Pixel and Essential point to such a fate as consumers choose iPhone and Galaxy phones but there are key lessons Sony and others can take away from their success.

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Protagonist1339d ago

I feel Sony is the only company maybe besides apple to make luxurious premium mobiles.

Protagonist1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Now If I was head of the Sony Xperia line I would bring back the Walkman phone and the Camera phone.

Combine the aesthetics of the sony xperia x performance 32gb graphite black, especially the color scheme and combine it with the NW-ZX300 walkman


Take the Sony Xperia XZ Premium series and combine it with some of Sonys best camera specs.


Profchaos1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

They just need to market a little better and look at what the competition is doing a bit more.

I've got the xz premium I'd easily class it the best phone I've ever had its sleek snappy the screen is insanely impressive with no other device able to match it's 4k HDR output. But design wise it doesn't match the S8 so lots of people won't jump to it

mcstorm1339d ago

I'm with you on that live my xz premiumbut see why people go for samsung and apple unfortunately

ngecenk1339d ago

the only problem with Sony mobile devices is the design. It's too old and need to be refreshed. Both Samsung and Apple did it and it works. They have enough power under the hood of every devices they released. It's just the design is utter ugly to average current consumer.

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