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Logan Paul's YouTube ads suspended after he tased a dead rat and gave dead fish CPR

Internet man child Logan Paul just can't stop being an idiot. In yet another shocking video, YouTube has decided to temporarily suspend ads on his channel as they consider it a violation of their new community guidelines.

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Speed-Racer2118d ago

This is just disgusting. They should just cancel his channel indefinitely to set an example.

demonicale2118d ago

Oh look, another man child.

PapaBop2118d ago

Shhhh your edginess is scaring the children!

bluefox7552118d ago

You sound like Jack Thompson trying to ban video games in the 90's. Yeah, the guy is an idiot, so don't watch him? Why call for people to be banned just because you don't like them?

Speed-Racer2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Because of his influence over millions of younger viewers. I knew about this guy from ages before. I knew he acted like a buffoon, even faking his own suicide, but heck, that was his problem. Now that he's exploiting a suicide victim and blowing on dead fishes, I really don't want this idiot being a role model for younger people out there now.

NarooN2117d ago

We live in a generation where people will do shit like eat Tide Pods just because it's the en vogue fad. The more idiot manchildren we get off the internet to influence the other ultra-impressionable idiots, the better.

XisThatKid2117d ago

@NarooN I agree we love in a ridiculous age and how we ingest ridiculousness is on the tip of our fingers but honestly if parents aren't beating their children enough or if ignorance breeds stupidity. That person will find something else stupid to do. I know younger people that wouldn't even think to eat a damn tide pod even if it is the talk of the town these v are young children. If dumb people make dumb decision is on them there is no end to exposure to this especially with the internet.
I'm talking from being a father as well. If I can't teach my kids from doing detrimental habits or not monitoring exposure to it, I've failed as a parent.

ajax172118d ago

And people used to think PewDiePie was bad, lol.

demonicale2118d ago

PewDiePie IS BAD ... how anyone can watch that idiot is unknown to me.

Lamboomington2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Well, depends on what you mean. The anti-semitism thing was straight up bullshit - misrepresentation, taking things out of context, and a lack of basic comprehension by the media.

The N-word thing was legit though.

Or maybe you're referring to the general quality of his content, in which case I can agree xD. Although I'm slowly starting to warm up to his on screen silliness.

bluefox7552118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

It was all BS. Nothing he said was directed towards any individual. People aren't super sensitive about that word in Europe like they are in the US, so it was ridiculous to hold him to a standard from a country that he's never lived in. I used to think he was an idiot as well, but I gave him a chance after watching the media try and smear him, and I now enjoy his content. Haven't watched much of his older content, but his newer stuff is smart, and genuinely funny in most cases. Dude knows what he's doing.

Lamboomington2118d ago


That's not the issue with the anti-semitism case. Sure, he just used it as a generic curse word, and people don't take it that seriously in certain places. Even so, atleast there's a genuine reason people called him out. Use of the word is generally not acceptable especially with his audience. So it's still legit. Saying he's a full on racist or has racist intentions is obviously silly. Giving him flak for not being more responsible with his words ? that's fine, atleast it's consistent. His audience isn't limited to Europe.

I never liked Pewdiepie earlier. I've started liking him now. The video that started the whole anti-semitism nonsense was actually one of the funniest ones I've seen.

Harkins17212118d ago

The rats were dead and squished already. Don't see it being a huge deal.

PapaBop2118d ago

So he's going around tasering dead animals and uploading it to youtube? I find that mildly disturbing.

Cobra9512118d ago

We have turned into such huge wimps over the past couple of decades. This sort of thing used to be considered late-night network-worthy comedy:

Sm00thNinja2118d ago

It's not that it's edgy or that I'm sensitive to this new era of stupidity. This guy is just STUPID. IT'S NOT FUNNY, IT'S NOT EDGY. This guy is just stupid. He's single handedly trying to bring out a new era of jackassery not seen since... well.. JACKASS

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