YouTube removes Logan Paul from top-tier Google ad platform, YouTube Red projects on hold

YouTube is beginning to punish Logan Paul in the wake of controversy.

The company announced on January 10th that it will not move forward with a planned YouTube Red movie that Paul was supposed to star in at this time as the project is on hold. The Thinning: New World Order was supposed to be the sequel to Paul’s 2016 YouTube Red movie, The Thinning. A YouTube representative also confirmed to Polygon he is removed from Google’s top tier preferred ad program.

jaredite832282d ago

Do you understand the concept of justice? It seems like not. Wrecking somebody's life or means of income because of doing something that is not nice, is not justice. Justice is when something done to some one is repaid in either monetary reparation or through punitive action like serving time in prison. One of the earliest and most accurate descriptions of justice is an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, limb for a limb etc.
This meant in the ancient world that eye was worth the same to a begger or for the king. If some one wronged you in a manner that cost you your eye, the reparation would be the same whether the wronged was poor or rich and whether the defendad was poor or rich. All eyes or teeth are of equal value and must be equally paid for. Or in extreme cases, the violent offender might have to pay with his own eye if no monetary reparation would be available or for some other reason not coming. This means that people in those days understood the concept of justice and knew that they better not do certain things because if caught, they must pay in full or even receive equal pain that they caused to some one else. Logan's giggle doesn't in any way fall into a category where he caused some one such damage that he should be destroyed as a person. The one in the film was already dead, so he can't demand justice any more and his family, if they are alive, can have justice by having the boy apologize for them, which he already did. But as it is evident, these leftists who hate Christianity and loves Islam so much, that the concept of repentance and forgiveness are foreign things to them. As anti Christians, they refuse to follow Jesus' example by refusing to forgive people their misdeeds.

Averyashimself2283d ago

Good Job! I still refuse to casually watch through youtube anymore though, since they like to censor those who disagree with them.

thorstein2283d ago

Censorship is evil.

I wonder what the Japanese think about it.

subtenko2283d ago

All he did was something douchey, along with everyone else who does similar stuff on youtube....along with all the companies including the platform itself who does douchey stuff....I just find a lot of people being hypocritics (not from his latest act, but from the attention seeking and bs done)

360ICE2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

So your dad commits suicide and Logan Paul makes an uncensored video showing him in the thumbnail and in the video hanging from a tree. Still just "douchy" ?

2pacalypsenow2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

People who commit suicide are cowards, I have no sympathy for them. They don't care about the people they hurt like family and friends.

They choose the easy way out.

Cobra9512283d ago

People who "attempt" suicide might be cowards, 2pacalypsenow. They can't even muster the courage to cry for help directly. People who actually mean to commit suicide and accomplish it are either insane, or extremely brave. The instinct for self-preservation is probably our strongest. Overcoming the visceral fear of death to exit this world on your terms takes big brass ones.

jaycptza2282d ago

@2pacalypsenow I pray you dont develop a mental condition or that your kids dont, but please fuck off with your bullshit. It must take a seriously ill person to kill themselves, not a coward


Never cared for this retard... saw a couple of his videos and simply couldn't stand how fake the personality was, how bad the videos were,,, just,.. never understood why people would follow that fucking loser.

Jinger2283d ago

i feel that way about 90% of the youtube stars

PapaBop2282d ago

Lmfao, was about to say the same, every time I use youtube for finding info or opinions or something, I always have to skip videos that have like 10k+ views because chances are, it's some cringe internet personality.

TheOpenWorlder2283d ago

oh my god. people with real brains. O_O Exactly!

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