Huawei's $200 Honor 7X is the future of the smartphone industry

Jason Perlow reviewed Huawei's Honor 7X for Tech Broiler and he thinks that the phone looks and feels a lot like a super-premium device. Jason also claims that within a few years, vertical integration by Chinese mega manufacturers will drive the price of flagship-class Android phones down to commodity levels.

s45gr322167d ago

This is how the Chinese beat Americans to the punch by selling affordable phones instead of overpriced phones

Babadook72167d ago

You can get American phones for $0. And they are better than anything Chinese.

KingPin2167d ago

so this is what salty looks like.

SojournUK2167d ago

Um...where are the American phones made?

Also you do realise they're not actually free and you are paying for the handset with your inflated monthly payments?

SunnyZ2167d ago

wow, can't tell if trolling or just an average stupid American...


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