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Are we all wrong about Net Neutrality?

A more closer look at the concept of Net Neutrality is necessary to form an unbiased opinion

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Cobra9511431d ago

How likely is it that we are ALL wrong about it? Close to zero.

gdemos011431d ago

We all have been reading the same media pretty much online. So the possibility isn't as close to zero as you might think.

Cobra9511431d ago

I don't need to read a single word in the media to know that allowing huge corporations to do whatever they want with the gateways to the internet is wrong for the users of the internet. They will serve themselves, at the expense of the public, an easy thing to do when most ISP markets are de-facto monopolies. Utilities are often natural monopolies. Since monopolies are anathema to a free market, they need to be tightly regulated when they can't be broken up.

Have a look at Portugal, to see what can happen.