Man accidentally kills himself while playing VR video game

A 44-year old Russian mas has died after falling through a glass table while using a VR headset. Medical examiners claim that he would have survived if he sought immediate medical attention instead of continuing to play the game.

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AlphaCeph2095d ago

Why do you have a glass table around you when playing VR? Natural selection. Sad though for the mom given the time of year as well.

ZeroX98762095d ago

well, the actual hit didn't kill him right away, the guy just continued playing and didn't stop until he succumbed to his wounds. I mean, sure the game must've been great, but just stop playing and call for help geez!

blackblades2094d ago

I would of had one near me, cause I wouldn't think to fall on to it. Anyways him continuing to play sounds like a Russian thing to do.

BuildTheWall2095d ago

I can't stop laughing at this. Why would you even have a VR headset on in a room with a glass table?

SunnyZ2095d ago

Yeah I mean, that is stupid.
"However, based on the medical examiner’s report, the man continued playing the game instead of seeking immediate medical attention, and lost of lot of blood in the process. He eventually succumbed to his injuries."

He went full retard and decided to just bleed out.
Must be a pretty awesome game... To die for...

Aither2095d ago

In Soviet Russia, games play you.

pixelsword2095d ago

I hate to say it, but after he fell I’m sure he felt the pain; but I wonder if he looked at his virtual body, and then saw that his life bar was good and continued to play... : /

zerocarnage2094d ago

That's called be a hard-core gamer

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