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Apple Is Right To Slow Down Old iPhones, But Wrong To Hide It From Users

NRM: "After strong accusations, Apple admitted they slow down iPhones after a year of use. While their intentions could be in the right place, their secrecy has certainly left a sour taste in consumers’ mouths…"

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Cobra951518d ago

No. They're wrong on both counts.

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level 360518d ago

A lot of phone brands so paranoid and greedy not to offer buyers' replaceable batteries for the mere reason to sell the next new phone.

DaNineTwo518d ago

Was it not obvious Apple were doing this ? Same thing with other phone companies too

KingPin517d ago

erm.....nope. i can name one phone company that doesn't.
HTC simply stop supporting older devices. they dont force the newer versions of android onto a device even if it is capable of running it. if one wants the latest and greatest android there is the option to root and install custom roms and at this point its fairly straightforward. but this is all at the owners discretion. not the company forcing an update that deliberately slows down your phone.

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