What it's really like to work in Amazon's warehouse - draining and depressing

Mirror investigative reporter says: 'Amazon has recognised humans are the least efficient part of the operation - it makes more money by treating its workers as expendable commodities'

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Bigpappy328d ago

Its not forced labor. Poor unskilled workers are used to much worst.

franwex328d ago

I think most warehouse jobs are tough like Amazon. There’s 2 giant warehouses by my area for Fed Ex and UPS and have heard of how hard those jobs are. There’s also a post office processing center that’s pretty intense too.
Hopefully these people can find better jobs in the future.

Cobra951327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

No. I had a warehouse job in my youth. It was not an inhuman environment like the one documented here.

Retroman328d ago

Im sure its like any other slave trade company Not reported such as China . warehouse full of Slaves. Recently in the news Africa selling their own people 400 per person. here it is 2017 black people still being sold as slaves. Sheesh.
White people once was slaves too in 1400

b163o1328d ago

Wait what?

Please explain how or when white people have been slaves???

Juiceid327d ago

Open a history book for gods sake

Ashunderfire86327d ago

That’s all you can say Barbary slave trade? What about the British enslaving Irish, Scottish, and Wales? I know you guys love to talk about blacks sold each other into slavery, when whites did the same damn thing to whites! You failed to even mention how the Romans also enslaved the Greeks. Plus white slavery didn’t last as long. All those endangered servants got reparations in freedom dues, while blacks became the primary slaves. All those endangered servants got back all their traditions, beliefs, land, etc, while black people lost everything! Then most of the former white slaves, and the slave owners was all for enslaving blacks, because they benefit from that. Tell the truth instead of half truth and lies!

NovusTerminus328d ago

So its a normal job? Treated like shit and overworked while being threatened to be fire for basically nothing? Much like the current job i have, i just get death threats over the phone to add to it while my manager yells at me.

KingPin328d ago

im not defending amazon here or anything, but arent these the same people that'll complain if amazon replaces them with machines altogether?

with that said, people need to start waking up and see how important low skilled jobs are in the grand scheme of things. reminds me of the story about the human body in a way. if none of you heard it before it goes something like this:

One day all the organs are boasting how important they are. first the brain starts "without me, the body will not function or move." the heart disagrees "even if the brain doesnt work, ill still work fine and pump blood keeping the organs alive". the liver steps in and says "if i dont clean the blood, the heart is useless. pumping contaminated blood through the system isnt helping". up shouts the lungs "hang on there buddy, if i wont get oygen, none of you would function at all. clearly im the most important." then out of nowhere, the a$$hole pipes up "all of you guys know nothing. im the most important human body part." all the organs start laughing at him saying "how could u possibly be important. you do nothing all day and your job is not even complicatred." just to prove a point, the a$$hole stops working. within days all the waste starts collecting in the body. slowly one by one all the organs start getting sick because of poisonous gasses in the body building up. eventually they all agree, the a$$hole is just as important as the rest of them.

Cobra951327d ago

They'll complain when they can't make a living wage more strenuously than when they're wage slaves, sure. What's your point? Both circumstances are worthy of strong opposition.